Fusecat Media specializes in user-focused email marketing strategy and copywriting for the wellness industry.

We Believe Marketing Messages Work Better When They’re Wrapped In A Great User Experience

Simply put, we help wellness marketers get better results from email marketing with smart campaigns and winning copy.

Much more than that, we help you transform your wellness email marketing into a values-based user experience (UX) that improves conversions, retention, and lifetime customer value (LCV).

Honestly, it’s pretty flipping cool! And I get pretty wound up about it.

Today’s wellness consumers are seeking more than the transformation your offer promises. They desire a better, easier, helpful, frustration-free experience.

When your pair your transformative results with a great experience, you’ll consistently beat the tight yoga pants off your competition. (Men shouldn’t wear them anyway.)

As a tight yoga pant wearing wellness consumer myself, I am your prospect. I began adopting a wellness lifestyle in 2007 to help overcome what I came to learn was chronic Lyme Disease + dozens of co-infections + a significate mold infection.

A completely absurd experience that’s led me to do everything (and try anything) I can do to not be involved with “normal” western medicine doctors.

I eat an organic mostly plant-based diet, do movement therapy every morning, get in my infrared sauna to meditate and keep the stress away, have optimized my sleep, am committed to my morning routine… have overcome a foot surgery, knee surgery, hip surgery and a car accident (well… it’s a process.. that’s what movement therapy is about) and visit energy workers and Shamanic practitioners as need… and hot springs… ok! That’s enough – you get the idea.

As a digital marketer for 9 years and counting, I get mad at companies that deliver a crappy online experience. Especially at the opt-in stage of email marketing.

Ok, maybe not mad, but it frustrates me and bums me out because there’s so much opportunity to create a great experience that’ll keep prospects and customers excited and engaged with email.

After actually doing every step of the digital marketing process for my husband’s coaching business, and being an affiliate marketer for relationships and alternative health info products, I “get” how all the digital marketing pieces fit together. From developing online programs and coaching services to marketing with media buying, email marketing, and content marketing, to tracking and analytics, and all the web pages in between. There’s a lot to leverage in your direction.

From making a strong first impression at the initial lead-gen opt-in phase to building the relationship with low-cost offer promotions, to encouraging results with a consumption campaign, to leading the way to the next logical step with an ascension campaign…. the opportunities stack up fast for companies willing to prioritize UX and elevate their email marketing.

Plus, I believe the world needs wellness tools, products, programs, and experiences now more than ever, and I get excited to connect these offers with self-aware consumers.

Reach out. I’d love to chat and see if I can help you achieve your goals.

Sara A. Lauber
Wellness Seeker, Founder, Strategist, Copywriter

Curious? Fusecat = Fusion + Catalyst

Sara A Lauber, Founder, Email Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

Sara A. Lauber, Founder

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