We Believe Marketing Messages Work Better When They Evoke Positive Feelings Associated with Deep Desires and Core Values

Simply put, we help busy wellness tourism marketers get better results from email marketing with smart campaigns and winning copy.

But much more than that, we help you transform your wellness tourism email marketing into a values-based online guest experience that gets your prospects hooked on hearing from you and ultimately gets them to book an experience with you.

Today’s transformation-seeking wellness travelers are more likely to connect with content that demonstrates the destination (retreat, resort, spa, hot springs and the like) is aligned with their wellness lifestyle values. And far more likely to spend money with the places that support these decision driver values.

When you lead with content that beings their transformational journey online and demonstrate you can provide the experience they desire you begin to build trust and excitement. These are two critical steps to take them from researcher to customer to return customer to advocate.

As a wellness consumer of all sorts myself, I am your prospect. And as a marketer, I am often disappointed that the email communications I receive from companies offering of all kinds of products and services didn’t match up to my expectations of what interacting with them (and spending money with them) would be like.

That bums me out because there’s so much opportunity to keep prospects and customers excited and engaged. From pre-booking to post-booking but before arrival, to following up after the experience. The opportunities stack up quickly for companies that are willing to plan and develop relationships with their subscribers and customers.

Plus, I believe the world needs wellness experiences now more than ever and I get excited to connect transformative experiences with self-aware consumers.

Reach out. I’d love to chat and see if I can help you achieve your goals.

Sara Lauber
Copywriter & Strategist

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