Answers to more detailed questions you might have about working with us.

Q: What do you mean by user-focused and user experience (UX)?

A: There are two ways companies approach business online.

  • The more traditional way puts persuasion and making sales as the number one goal of the copy and marketing campaigns.
  • The user-focused way puts helping the user as the number one goal company-wide, and across every touchpoint in their online user experience.

While the user-focused approach might not win in A/B split-testing, it will increase your lifetime customer value in the long run.

Q: What do you mean by wellness?

A: We specialize in online programs, instruction, or coaching with a wellness focus including mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, and physical health that are designed to be consumed digitally instead of in person.

We also work with products that are sold and supported online, such as exercise equipment to be used at home or in a professional setting.

Q: Will you accept projects outside the wellness space?

A: Maybe. If you have a solid offer then reach out. Projects in other markets will be considered if we believe in the offer, believe we can connect with your prospect, write the kind of copy you need, and our schedule permits. Researching a new market takes additional time but can also prove useful in exercising the creative muscles. Reach out. Let’s chat.

Q: Do you work off of contracts?

A: Yes. All work is started after receiving a signed agreement and upfront payment (see below). The agreement ensures we are on the same page about the scope of the project and the deliverables for a smoother engagement.

Q: Do you require upfront payment?

A: Yes. Before starting work, we require a 50% nonrefundable deposit for projects $1,000 or more. The remainder is due upon delivery. For projects less than $1,000, we require full payment upfront before starting any work.

Retainer clients will be invoiced by the 15th of the month for the upcoming month, to be paid by the first of the month (by June 1 for June work.)

Q: How do you accept payment?

A: Electronic funds transfer (ACH) is preferred. If necessary, we also accept online credit card payments and business checks to accomodate your normal vendor payment method.

Q: Do you charge for rewrites?

A: No. If needed, 2 rewrites will be provided free of charge so long as they are within the original scope of work. If the goal or scope has changed, we can work out a way forward.

Q: Do you work on retainer?

A: Yes. Retainers are great for newsletters and other going copy and strategy needs. Retainers make life easier for clients because they aren’t starting over with new copywriters and strategists all the time. They work well for us for the same reason. Plus, we can develop a working relationship which is a far more enjoyable way to work than purely transactional.

Q: Do you outsource your projects to other copywriters?

A: No. Not at the moment. If we do we’ll copy chief all work and remain your only contact.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: Yes and No. We guarantee you’ll be happy with what’s delivered to you. We cannot guarantee the results. The market is the only one who can tell us if it’ll work or not. All copy comes with two rounds of reasonable revisions (see above.)

Q: What is your fee schedule?

A: We charge professional fees. We don’t publish fee schedules because we create custom agreements for each project. If you’re looking for a $20 email or a $75 landing page, we’re not a good fit.

Q: What’s your hourly rate for writing?

A: We don’t have an hourly rate for writing. Nor do we have a per word rate. All estimates are based on the project.

Q: Do you do technical work?

A: No. We’ll offer guidance and collaborate with your entire tech and marketing team but we only to technical work for the properties we own.

Q: Do you do design?

A: No. We will offer suggestions on images and layout to help with conversions and compliance. As much as we love design, our position is that copy trumps design.

Q: Do you provide samples?

A: Relevant samples are provided upon request. You don’t have time to read through promotions that aren’t related to your project. We will get you what you need or write a spec if it’s decided we’re a good fit and it’s necessary to move forward.

This website and our email newsletter will give you a good idea of the work we provide.

Still Have Questions?

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